Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Loli World - The Top 40 Loli Site List ! What Shuold I Do Now?

What shuold i do now? - loli world - the top 40 loli site list !

I think evrywon an internee star, I'm just a genre that I think forchun started my site, but I closed the ***** truth only a thin thin case, but met a girl (I'm gay), the For the ivory and it is so intelligent and difrent lik and I, but my teacher is becuz his mom is a psychopath and a peak now, I HAV Purson wrong in not, but me and my master of my brain sez pinki real name, I HAV injured ivory mother and family, and I do not now what I influince'm Magzine sez the best in America, but I'm tired, I Do not Care About Me mor INY months, and you do not like it, my teacher, but wants to Rul the world and I Alwayz wut it now when I come to speak, and he wants a Coleg glasses intelligent, but I HAPIN nerve NATlONS when I'm in a disgize, now I will lose eveything after he tld me that the rich and Wul my frinds shown that even homoz Tho write things, and if doz my teacher as well, that homosexuals are not now want anybody except my brother loves loli teacher porn undrwer pink and is a kick in the bulls and notas bad as my lord, but he is marked sir


Alma-Lod... said...

you've played video games more. take a sedative.

Also, I think you may have to start going to school. thats where you learned to write and communicate with others

tehab waaaaaah! said...

I have no easy answer for you.

Find a Menz, Menz and censure.

Everythings good will, if the guilt of a Menz.

STARCHIL... said...

Immutable. I have already said, you can not stop their medication, they get to keep all your friends in the head.

AJ... Perth, Australia said...

Why you should take your time writing garbage like this.
Get a life.

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